Apocalypse The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Ending the World

Who doesn’t love a good apocalypse in their tabletop roleplaying game? For the game master, though, creating and running one can be daunting. That’s why we published this book!

We brought together a host of the industry’s top creators and game masters to give you their best advice on ending your world. In addition, we have 17 game scenarios, spanning all genres and built for adaption to nearly any tabletop roleplaying system you want to run!

You’ll return to this book again and again for ideas, tips, and characters to enhance your game—regardless of whether you’re looking to end your world or begin a brand new one!

Contributors (Advice Articles) Mike Shea, Omega Jones, Amy Vorpahl, Andrew Bishkinskyi, Teos Abadia, Cate Osborn, Alan Tucker, Basheer Ghouse, Ryan Langr, Cat Evans, Anthony Joyce Rivera. (Game Scenarios) Chris Bissette, Panagiotis Christopoulos, Connie Chang, Kat Kruger, James Case, Shu Qing Tan, Amy Vorpahl, Molly Jones, Kandi J. Williams, Cate Osborn, Endhy Pino, Kirsty Kidd, Anna Everts, Basheer Ghouse, Ethan Yen, Erin Roberts, Alan Tucker.

Article title The Stakes of an ApocalypseScenario title The Anomalous LandsScenario title Dreams of Hunger

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