Cordyceps Rules Expansion W.O.I.N.


A What’s O.L.D. is N.E.W. compatible, setting agnostic Cordyceps Rules Expansion to help you bring the strange and terrifying story of biologically induced fungal zombie ism into your campaigns!

With this expansion, you will have all the tools you need to incorporate a new mutated form of the infamous Ophiocordyceps fungus (known as the “zombie ant fungus”) that infects humanoids and controls and manipulates their behavior.

Inside, you will find rules for

  • Implementing the progressive condition that affects mental state and physical appearance and results in the manifestation of a “cordyceps zombie.”
  • Incorporating the four stages of the cordyceps zombie condition
  • Incorporating unique phases of the fungus into your campaign, including a slime mold like plasmodium fungal life phase that can creep along in hospitable environments to find new victims, or underground fungal tendrils that allow the fungus to exist as an almost sentient environmental entity, communicating over long distances with other cordyceps zombies.
  • Using infectious fungal spores that may be encountered in specific environments, may be expelled by some of the fungal life phases, or may be launched as ranged attacks by the most advanced stage cordyceps zombie, the Stage IV Burster!
  • Implementing wound location variant rules that affect the progression and onset of the cordyceps fungal disease.
  • A Stage I Fungal Infected Cordyceps Zombie Template that you can use to rapidly convert NPCs (or unfortunate PCs!) into Stage I cordyceps zombies.

Also included is a Creature Conspectus

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