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You will find in this pack a large content of(grid and gridless)Maps forHorror in the Trenches
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As I woke up, I held my head in my hands.
I don’t know why, but since we’ve been working on this case, the nightmares have become more and more frequent. I keep thinking about the constant fighting, the lost friends, the permanent fear that freezes your blood, more than the coldest winter ever will.
Last night I was still crawling in the mud, bullets whistling over my head, hunger tugging at me.
This night again and like the previous ones, I relived the horror of the trenches!

Many of your investigators have lived through the First World War. It is not surprising that they are haunted by it. Especially if the entities of the myth bring back their worst memories.
Horror in the Trenches represents a triptych of maps West Side / No Man’s Land / East Side. And allows you to relive it.

Several variations as usual

3 maps West Trenches > No Man’s Land < East Trenches

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