Dungeon Crawl Classics Dying Earth #0 The Black Obelisk

A 0 level funnel adventure

Goodman Games is proud to launch its line ofDCC Dying Earthadventure modules withDCC DE #0 Pilgrims of the Black Obelisk. For thousands of years, worshippers of the divine Omaet ko have kept vigil at the Black Obelisk, awaiting the return of the Great God. A pilgrimage departs on a journey to the holy city, but can these travelers survive the perils of the trip?

Pilgrims of the Black Obeliskis a 0 level funnel softcover adventure designed to kick off a brand new campaign set in Jack Vance’s Dying Earth. The adventure also contains patron information for the demon Ohmvos, a powerful potential antagonist or ally.

The adventure is designed forDCC Dying Earth, but it can be used in anyDCC RPGsetting with minimum changes.

Based onThe Dying EarthBook Series by Jack Vance.

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