Dungeon Crawl Classics Dying Earth

Explore the singular world of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth, set in the distant last days of the world, where magic and science blend together and querulous sorcerers feud endlessly! WithDungeon Crawl Classics Dying Earthyou will discover the tools to play in Cugel’s and Rhialto’s world, seek the mighty Pandelume, or fall to an indifferent grue while searching for scintillant baubles among the ensorcelled remains of the ancient earth.

This boxed set contains comprehensive rules options and new material for theDungeon Crawl Classics RPGexplicitly designed to capture the setting of the Dying Earth. Within you will find new classes, creatures, patrons, spells, and more inspired by the Dying Earth stories for use in yourDCC RPGgame including four new classes forDCC RPG magician, vat thing, wayfarer, and witch, as well as new rules for “grudge tokens” to track the resentments that characters accumulate with every minor imprecation they encounter. This set also includes a beautiful map of the world of Dying Earth illustrated by Doug Kovacs. A copy of theDungeon Crawl Classicsrulebook is required to use this boxed set.

Inside this box you will find

  • Player’s Libram (64 pages).
  • Primer of Practical Magic (104 pages).
  • Intimate Anatomy of Several Creatures and Personages of the Twenty First Aeon (96 pages).
  • A map of the environs of the Dying Earth.

Based onThe Dying EarthBook Series by Jack Vance

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