Game Unfolding Machine Extended

GUM Extended

5 additional tools to add to your toolkit of the Game Unfolding Machine

  • Brain prober Prompting questions for expanded world and scene building
  • Scene kicker Get unstuck by generating scene starting phrases
  • Plot discovery Reveal the plot withpast, present,and imminentclues
  • NPC interaction Get ideas for NPC dialogue and feedback
  • Enemy action Bring your opposition to life by figuring out their actions

There is on top, a meta tool for unfolding your game

  • hexflower based scene prompt scenario for traversing dungeons and unknown areas!

They sum up together 5xd20x4 nested random tables, with tons of prompting content for your campaigns )

I really hope you like this toolbox for playing Solo RPGs, and it may be used to play with friends, or be used to generate amazing adventures for your groups too!

Appreciations Othelarian, Steelheartx, Zadmar, Stargolem, Philip Dudley, and Tam

License CC BY NC SA 4.0

Tools to play

Donations really welcome, to bundle these rules together, it took me tremendous amount of effort, trial and error, and a lot of testing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, share with others if you like, and your feedback and donation are welcome!


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