Hangman’s Garden Bowel Eater Birds

The silhouette of the sheriff stands in the cave entrance above you. “You are accused, and only Justicia can determine your fate now. If you come out the other side, your innocence has been proven and you may go about your business. If you are guilty, then you will not survive the Hangman’s Garden!”

Sculpted by Ken Robkins, based on art by Jae Tanaka, this 3D printable miniature of aBowel Eater Birdis ready to print in three formats supported STL, unsupported STL, and Chitubox.

For role playing game details and stats, be sure and check outThe Hangman’s Garden, by Dieter Zimmerman, available asthe second issue of the Smoking Wyrm Monograph from Blind Visionary Publications.Dieter is one of the designers and writers of theDungeon Crawl Classics RPG(DCC), and createdThe Hangman’s Gardenin 2012 as a showcase for the new game; he’s been running the adventure at conventions and game days ever since, and we are proud to be able to finally bring it to you in print.

Bowel Eater Bird   renders

Bowel Eater Bird   Jae Tanaka

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