ICECRYPT Stat Cards for Battles in Frozen Ruins

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ICECRYPT Stat Cards for Battles in Frozen Ruins is a love letter to the game Frostgrave, by Joseph A. McCullough and published by Osprey Games. This product is designed to be compatible withFrostgrave 2nd Edition. See images below for what you will get inside!

In addition to warband cards for Wizards, Apprentices, Specialists, Soldiers, and Captains, you also get cards for Creatures. Using stat cards like these for skirmish games can speed up play and provide a lot of utility and modularity which simple warband character sheets cannot. Each card has space for all the relevant info, but the fields are blank for you to fill in.







Included are two PDFs. One is in RGB for ease of viewing on your computer and so you can copy the card art for use in whatever digital tabletop software you may be savvy with, while the other is in CMYK for ease of printing. Alternatively, you can print them on paper and slide them into card sleeves over normal playing cards, if you prefer. The cards can be printed in black and white, with the blues printing as various shades of gray (though some printers may need to increase the saturation to pick up the light blue on the card faces).

Card dimensions are 2.5″ x 3.5″, as standard playing cards. Tokens are just under 1″ in diameter.

There are instructions on how to best print and use your cards, and this product has been designed with ease of use in mind. Card backs align with their respective fronts perfectly, so you can print them double sided. You may use the cards and tokens freely for personal use, but you may not use this product commercially. See the inside cover for copyright info and the like.

Frostgrave 2nd Edition is © 2020 Joseph A. McCullough. While this product is designed to be compatible withFrostgrave, it is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Joseph A. McCulough or Osprey Games, nor does this book contain any content which is trademarked or copyrighted by them.

Please go and buyFrostgrave, as it is one of the best adventure games ever created!

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