Modern Necessities

Modern Necessities is a 3rd party supplement for Old School Essentials that adds rules, classes, equipment and more to run your campaigns in any modern setting, including those that mix the contempary with magic and monsters.

The book includes the following

  • 13 modern themed classes
  • Rules for giving modern traits to a small selection of fantasy races
  • 56 modern weapons, from pistols to rocket launchers and hand grenades
  • Rules for special ammunition and firearm attachments
  • 13 modern pieces of armor
  • 54 modern pieces of equipment, from cellphones to night vision goggles
  • Vehicle rules, including 19 example vehicles
  • 48 Technomancy spells
  • 16 modern example NPC’s to do battle against
  • Extra rules to add more flavor, such as rules for weapon jamming and armor damage
  • Additionally, your purchase will come with a free Foundry VTT module that adds the book’s items, weapons and spells as a compendium! Each item & spell fully drag & droppable into your OSE character sheets.

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This item is produced by The Scrying Dutchman

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