Sepulchre of Dusk compatible with OSE

Life is hard for the clans of the wold, a life of toil and sacrifice. But there is joy as well. A marriage festival is underway; kith and kin have gathered at the homestead. But harken! The bridegroom has been captured; his retainers slain in cruel ambush. After a violent change in leadership, the Blood Blade goblin tribe has turned its face from peace and now threatens war. Can the raiders be caught, and the bridegroom returned to his family?

Four heroes give chase, hoping to overtake the raiders. But when this hope is dashed, only one path remains to effect a rescue of their friend.

They must brave the Sepulchre of Dusk.

Sepulchre of Dusk is an introductory Old School Essentials adventure for up to four players and a Game Master. It is suitable for an evening’s play, but may be expanded to further sessions if desired.

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