Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #5

Tales from the Smoking Wyrmis a fanzine inspired not just by the roleplaying gameDungeon Crawl Classics(DCC), but also by the wondrous fanzines of the past 40 years! While we focus on DCC, the material produced can be easily translated into any Old School Renaissance (OSR) system.

Issue #5 contains the following articles

  • Beastmaster A new character class for those who want to take a walk on the wild side and bring along all their furred or feathered friends
  • Organizations The School of the TreeThe second part of our series exploring the concept of organizations in roleplaying in general, and discussing the salient features an organization needs to be used effectively in any roleplaying game. Featuring The School of the Tree, an organization modelled on the dueling schools of Europe.
  • Ominous IdolsSure it looks creepy, but what is the significance of that weird sculpture, and what does it do???
  • Patron Missions Dor NyvsA collection of jumping off points and ideas for when your patron decides to call in all the favors you owe them. In this issue, we feature the earthen elemental Dor Nyvs, the Deller at the Core.
  • Culpepper’s HerbalMore herbs for your game, featuring Amaranthus and Anemone
  • Wyrm Tokens A compilation of all the effects for the Smoking Wyrm Luck tokens created in conjunction with issues 1–4
  • Onward Retainer An adventuring comic in the old school style, starring The Legion. Part 5, brought to you by Joel Phillips
  • Wyrm WordsA word puzzle of all the Gygaxian words in this issue

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