The Apology A FUDGE Solo Adventure

“The Apology A FUDGE Solo Adventure” is a 199 section realistic FUDGE solo where YOU are the hero of your own interactive story.

In “The Apology,” YOU are a university sophomore with a chip on your shoulder about your adopted alcoholic stepfather Philip, and mixed resentment about leaving home for college, and leaving Mom alone with him.

In a fit of undergraduate boredom, you take a free DNA test, and bring your innocuous results home for Thanksgiving.

When you return to school, you discover the results have been stolen from your pack.

One night – when your parents are away you sneak into your old home to use your abilities of Memory, Composure, and Will to find your DNA results and maybe more.

This solitaire adventure uses the FUDGE roleplaying system (relevant rules included). Players need pencil, paper, and 4 six sided dice (FUDGE dice optional) to play.

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This item is produced by Tim Labor

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