The Book of Space Journeys and Distant Civilizations

Greetings fellow GMs and solo players! Are you ready to explore the vast reaches of space and embark on exciting adventures? This book was specifically designed for space opera settings. Inside, you’ll find a lot of tables to help you create unique planets, generate memorable events, and more…

The Content


Rolling a D200.

200 Space Opera Events.

Alien Races.

Civilization Type.

Outer Space Descriptions.

Strange Alien Technology.


Planet Names.

Alien Weapons.

With a range of alien species, tech gadgets, 200 different events, advanced artifacts, you’ll have everything you need to immerse yourself in a rich and detailed Space Opera universe. So whether you’re looking to lead a team of intergalactic explorers, defend your planet from invading forces, or unravel the secrets of an ancient civilization, this book has something for every space opera enthusiast. Get ready to blast off into the cosmos and experience the thrill of the unknown.

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