The Jolrhos Codex

Almost a thousand new spells, songs, and rituals for Fantasy Hero, unlocking magic for GMs and Players alike. This collection is designed for the Jolrhos Fantasy Hero Campaign, but can be used in any campaign or fantasy setting. This companion to the Jolrhos Player Guide gives the details to all those summary spells, songs, and rituals mentioned in the Guide, and so much more!

Unlock spells such as Cinder Spray, Grimstaff’s Grand Enhancement, Serpent Spirit Charm, and Tornado! Learn magical spells from five different magical orders and sixteen magical schools! Summon not just elementals but a keep or a siege weapon! Included are scores of Bard Songs and Priestly rituals for every temple. The Jolrhos Codex is packed with unique and creative magic for your mage, bard, or priest to learn and use… and for your GM to use against you.

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