100 Encounters for Post Apocalyptic Farmlands (Mutant Future)

This supplement has 100 different encounters that characters could have in the old or current farmlands of a post apocalyptic region. Most of the encounters are best suited for a post war apocalypse, and one with perhaps slightly more advanced technology than currently available, but some may be suited for any. The encounters range from the odd to the potentially dangerous and can be used to enliven a journey or as possible adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results

  • Most of a former field is sheltered beneath the branches of a huge tree. The shade of the tree looks to have killed off most of what was growing in the field, and the branches twist oddly in the wind. Watching the branches reveals they aren’t moving with the wind, though, and if anything living enters within reach, the branches will lash out at them, attempting to grab them and feed them into a maw that opens in the trunk (the tree is a form of Skinner Tree, see p.95, but with Movement , Hit Dice 20, Attacks 4 and Damage 2d8/2d8/2d8/2d8).
  • Most of the vegetation in this field is gone and so is that of several other fields. In one corner of the field, there are still some plants, but there is also a hulking mass of grey goo that appears to be devouring them, scouring the soil clean (if the goo is touched, save vs stun or take 1d4 hp of damage every round that the goo is touched).
  • Much of a former field is covered in a sheet of solidified metal, where something melted into a pool and then solidified. It looks like it was a slagged piece of farm equipment.
  • Next to a damaged wall is a robot that is repairing, or at least attempting to repair, it. The robot (Repair Bot, see p.131) keeps trying to put the wall back together, but lacks the supplies needed to do the job.
  • Odd looking boulders are clustered near the centre of a field. They have a peculiarly regular shape and, if examined, proved to be pieces of concrete that have been worn down.

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