Bride of the Vampyre Hack

The night belongs to you now.

But you are not alone.

Beware the Devoted, slaves to their Blood Gods

Beware the Covens, raging in the night.

Beware the Perfides, consuming and corrupting souls.

But most of all, beware your Hunger for the blood of the living.

The Night belongs to you but who will be the master?

Welcome to Bride of the VampyreHack, an expansion to the new take on the ’90s games that let you roleplay the tragic undead monster in a modern setting! In Bride of the Vampyre Hackyou will find

  • Eight new undead Tribes to inspire you
  • More Blood Gifts and Blood Magic, including necromancy
  • Rules for city settings, favours and duties, begetting new vampyres, new monsters and hunters and more tables for randomly generating characters and scenarios

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