Deeper Delves

The Deeper Delves bundle brings you everything needed to runa dungeon themed5e adventure!

Normally priced at $44 for the individual items, this special bundle is provided with 38 pages of 5e content! Including

  • 5 dungeon themed, ready to drop encounters for parties of all levels
  • 6 stat blocks, putting a new spin on some classic dungeon crawlmonsters
  • 5 new items with printable item cards
  • 5 new spells with printable spell cards
  • 5 battle maps
  • 5 feats and 5 deficiencies
  • 2 grafts, for new ways of player charactercustomization
  • 1 new player subclass the Rogue Fortune Seeker. Ever wanted to play as everyones favorite fedora wearing, history professor turned archaelogist adventurer? Well grab your bullwhip and lets take to the tombs and tunnels while we look for relics of lost kingdoms!
  • 1 new player races the Mimicken.We were once asked by a player ‘how do I play as a mimic??’ Well, much to our chagrin (and almost against our better judgement lol) we came up with the Mimicken race! Turn yourself into a greatsword and let your paladin ally wield YOU into battle; turn yourself into a rope ladder and help your rogue ally sneak into the villain’s layer; or change into a mirror and sneak into the king’s castle while you uncover intel about the upcoming coup!

This item is priced at $ 9.99

This item is produced by Critical Crafting

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