Frozen Lair Dragon Prison Map set

Frozen Lair Dragon Prison Map set. Frozen and Unleashed map. Various versions. Grid and no grid, (50×50) No grid. Dragon still frozen in ice, ice broken and dragon gone. One high quality version, rest is medium and then low qaulity versions.


Hi! D

For those who has already played on my maps, I would love to hear what stories popped up.

Also, I am working on a second region map north east of the Twin Bridges(Shai’Gidon), with fog lands, giant canyons and the like.

Who is already running a campaign on the Twin Bridges map? Hopefully I’ll be finished with the lore section for it soon!

For THIS map set, it is a frozen lair hidden away for thousands of years, ancient mechanisms is all over the place, but two in particular stand out, the two that overlook is near the giant skeleton of an ancient dragon under the ice.

But there are those who seek to unleash this dragon on the world. Would they party be able to stop them in time, or face the terrifying prospect of having to track down that dragon and stop it.

It’s a top down map dipicting the prison of the ancient dragon. And an unleashed version for if the party failed 😉

Same as alsways, if you are interested in me creating Adventure hooks for this map, let me know.

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER MAPS. I’m creating maps that connect to each other. Though this lair lies within the Dimma Shroud area, on the map north east of the Twin Bridges. (Note that map might or might not be released yet, so feel free to use the Frozen Lair seperately if you wish.)

Enjoy the product.

And remember to review and rate as you go. 😉 Also, comments go a long way in giving me clues to what you all want to be mapped next on the continent.

Be sure to let me know what kind of stories came out of this! D It is a big reason why I create maps in the first place. I imagine adventures.

Have fun!

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