KS2AZT09 Chinampas of the Great Lake

This set features a number of unique Aztec farming islands known as Chinampas. A number of real and fictional crops are included. All tiles are 4×4 based on Dragonbite(tm) tiles. If you need additional crops added to this set, please let us know and we will do our best toaccommodateyour requests. 2 New models added in April 2023 thanks to the support of our tribesfolk and backers. Unfortunately, DTRPG doesn’t actually pay for image server hosting. Instead some form of a faustian bargain with a lesser demon is our guess, and they really got the short end. For whatever reason, we can’t show all the pictures on this set. Check us out on MyMiniFactory, they have all the pictures and probably (absolutely) have a lower price (because they don’t take us to the woodshed on fees). Anyway, enough complaining. Voila, Aztlan 9 is here!

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