Owen’s Medical Bills Bundle #2 (BUNDLE)

Welcome to the “Owen’s Medical Bills Bundle #2”

Veteran ttRPG blogger, developer, publisher, and writer Owen K.C. Stephens suffered a pulmonary embolism in February, resulting in his hospitalization. While still recovering from that ailment, he was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. While he has every intention of overcoming this challenge and producing game material for years to come, and despite having medical insurance, the medical bills have begun to pile up. The ttRPG industry has come together to create a mega bundle to help, with all proceeds going to help Owen with those bills.

This Multi Publisher mega bundle has more than 80 pdfs, with a combined value of over $700, all for just $34.95!

What kinds of products?

Adventures, Campaign Setting, Character Options, Core Rulebooks, Equipment Books, GM Tools, Monster Books, NPCs, Paper Figures, Setting Books, Starships, and Stock Art!

For what game systems?

ACE – The Awfully Cheerful Engine, Eclipse Phase, ICONS, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder 1st ed, Pathfinder 2nd ed, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Shotguns & Sorcery The Roleplaying Game, Spectaculars Core Game, and Starfinder!

Who are the publishers?

Ad Infinitum Adventures, Drop Dead Studios, E.N. Publishing, Echelon Game Design, Everybody Games, Evil Robot Games, Full Mon Enterprises, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Posthuman Studios, Rite Publishing, Rogue Genius Games, Run Amok Games, Schwalb Entertainment, Scratchpad Studios, Storm Bunny Studios

But hurry! This bundle is only schedule to be available through May 15th.

279071 thumb140.jpg Aethera Field Guide I (Starfinder) Watermarked PDF
88860 thumb140.jpg Cardstock Miniatures Undead—Grave Threats Watermarked PDF
373970 thumb140.jpg Eclipse Phase Second Edition Condensed Player’s Guide PDF
166451 thumb140.jpg Eclipse Phase After the Fall Multiple File Formats
84599 thumb140.jpg Cardstock Miniatures Giants—Large and In Charge Watermarked PDF
390845 thumb140.jpg The Skaldwood Blight PDF
379109 thumb140.png World of Aetaltis Gamemaster’s Screen PDF
289941 thumb140.jpg ICONS Presents PDF
369651 thumb140.jpg World of Aetaltis Gamemaster’s Guide PDF
380781 thumb140.jpg ICONS Annual 1 PDF
199524 thumb140.jpg Wizard’s Academy Watermarked PDF
123227 thumb140.jpg 1001 Spell Cards 134 Magus Spells (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
134025 thumb140.jpg Book of Heroic Races Compendium (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
151802 thumb140.jpg 10 Angelic Magic Items (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
207259 thumb140.jpg 10 Kingdom Seeds Plains (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
221362 thumb140.jpg 10 Kingdom Seeds Underground (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
200423 thumb140.jpg 10 Rakshasa Magic Items Watermarked PDF
328130 thumb140.jpg A.C.E. #1 The Awfully Cheerful Engine! PDF
252799 thumb140.jpg Advanced Skill Guide Watermarked PDF
218547 thumb140.jpg Adversaries Sparks Watermarked PDF
224619 thumb140.jpg Adversaries Water Beast Watermarked PDF
108076 thumb140.jpg Cardstock Miniatures The Dragon Turtle Watermarked PDF
284545 thumb140.jpg Condensed Campaigns A Broken Sky Watermarked PDF
128532 thumb140.png Deep Magic (Pathfinder RPG) Watermarked PDF
139209 thumb140.jpg Echelon Reference Series Clerics (3pp+PRD) PDF
433510 thumb140.jpg Essays on Surviving an Independent Tabletop RPG Career PDF
285878 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Acrobatics Feats Watermarked PDF
300000 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Arcana Feats Watermarked PDF
307748 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Athletics Feats Watermarked PDF
317210 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Downtime Hobbies Watermarked PDF
297587 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Fighter Options Watermarked PDF
292874 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Medicine Feats Watermarked PDF
313751 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Pugilist Options Watermarked PDF
288667 thumb140.png Files for Everybody Stealth Feats Watermarked PDF
431153 thumb140.png Five Adventures for Owen PDF
217245 thumb140.jpg Gear Book One Armor and Weapons Watermarked PDF
328501 thumb140.jpg Gear Book Battle Gloves PDF
331920 thumb140.jpg Gear Book Operative Weapons PDF
228700 thumb140.jpg Hazards Alien Hazards Watermarked PDF
373609 thumb140.jpg ICONS Evil Rising PDF
151407 thumb140.jpg In The Company of Angels (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
238192 thumb140.jpg In The Company of Fiends Watermarked PDF
204681 thumb140.jpg In The Company of Genies (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
174962 thumb140.jpg In The Company of Rakshasa (PFRPG) Watermarked PDF
249353 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma GM Screen (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
286064 thumb140.png Mists of Akuma Soburin Primer (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
299873 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma A Village Corrupted (Quickstart Adventure) Watermarked PDF
242575 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
200593 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Fangs of Revenge Watermarked PDF
242574 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Fangs of Revenge (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
242573 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Feud Primordial (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
277934 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Honorable Wills Watermarked PDF
301972 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Imperial Matchmaker (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
224989 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Revenge of the Pale Master Watermarked PDF
242572 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Scourge of Robai Shita Temple (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
291690 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Seven Grains of Rice Watermarked PDF
242578 thumb140.jpg Mists of Akuma Yai Sovereign of Storms (Shadow of the Demon Lord) Watermarked PDF
127262 thumb140.jpg Mythic Monsters #10 Sea Monsters Watermarked PDF
137925 thumb140.jpg Mythic Monsters #20 Guardians of Good Watermarked PDF
265278 thumb140.jpg Personas Folio 1 Watermarked PDF
186670 thumb140.jpg Purple Prose Games High Resolution Stock Art Pack Watermarked PDF
285471 thumb140.jpg Recall Knowledge Dragons Watermarked PDF
290137 thumb140.jpg Recall Knowledge Fiends Watermarked PDF
221620 thumb140.jpg Sensor Readings Watermarked PDF
225708 thumb140.jpg Ships Alien Carrier Watermarked PDF
230073 thumb140.jpg Ships Armed Shuttle Watermarked PDF
219498 thumb140.jpg Ships Eldred Heavy Cruiser Watermarked PDF
229328 thumb140.jpg Ships Escort Carrier PDF
225021 thumb140.jpg Ships Heavy Dropship Watermarked PDF
220139 thumb140.jpg Ships Katar Gunship Watermarked PDF
220129 thumb140.jpg Ships Katar Light Freighter PDF
221201 thumb140.jpg Ships Katar Mining Freighter Watermarked PDF
224566 thumb140.jpg Ships Pirate Fighter Watermarked PDF
266688 thumb140.jpg Ships Slavern Destroyer Watermarked PDF
307598 thumb140.jpg Ships Terran Frigate PDF
280269 thumb140.jpg Ships Terran Scout Watermarked PDF
225522 thumb140.jpg Ships Trogon Cruiser PDF
430302 thumb140.jpg Ships Trogon Fighter PDF
357951 thumb140.jpg Shotguns & Sorcery The Pathfinder Conversion PDF
314247 thumb140.jpg Shotguns & Sorcery The Roleplaying Game PDF
153189 thumb140.jpg Southlands Campaign Setting Watermarked PDF
261309 thumb140.jpg Spectaculars Core Game PDF
327896 thumb140.jpg Starfarer Adversaries Legacy Bestiary Watermarked PDF
390365 thumb140.png Starfarer Species Reforged PDF
273237 thumb140.jpg Starfarer’s Arsenal Laser Grenades Watermarked PDF
275727 thumb140.jpg Starfarer’s Arsenal Shotguns Watermarked PDF
374848 thumb140.jpg Stellar Options #19 Superstars PDF
178860 thumb140.jpg The Template Tome Watermarked PDF

Total value $763.90
Special bundle price $34.95
Savings of $728.95 (95%)

This item is priced at $ 34.95

This item is produced by Rogue Genius Games

Check it out!

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