The Death of Magic

The Death of Magicbundle brings you to a post war world where magic has been outlawed. The technocracy of the Blank rules the lands with an iron first, and spellcasters are forced into hiding for fear of death. Pick a sideand take a stand!

Normally priced at $44 for all of the items individually, this special bundle is provided with 80pages of 5e content! Including

  • A 26pageadventure for parties of 3rd 4th level
  • 14stat blocks and 1 monster template
  • 16new items with printable item cards
  • 6 new spells with printable spell cards
  • 3 battle maps
  • 8 feats and 3 Deficiencies
  • 5 grafts, a new game mechanic for player customization
  • 2 Player Backgrounds
  • 1 new wizard subclass the Arcanuum Mage. The Arcanuum are themages and spellcasters who must spend their life in hiding and concealing what they are. These freedom fighters are the brave souls putting their lives on the line everyday, just to survive!

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