The Omniverse Eon Legacy Omnibus All In 1 Collection

The Eon Legacy Omnibus 5 in 1 (All in 1) Rulebooks and Expansions has arrived! With over 300 pages of all you need to make anything and everything from your imagination accessable with all the included Core Mechanics (Original Races and Classes), Infinite Custom Races, Unlimited Classes, Settings, and Custom Universes! Unlock the potential of your imagination with this collection today! Included are the following publications

  • The Eon Legacy Core Sourceboo/Rulebookk Players Handbook and Storyteller Guide 2 in 1
  • The Book of Encounters The Creature Catalog Dozens of things to encounter, an Omnitemplate for Custom beings, creatures, monsters, aliens, Angels, Demons, Undead, entities and many more original takes on classics from across all fantasy.
  • The Armory Expansion for Hyper Rangers and Power Fighters 2 New Specialty Classes (The Heroic Hyper Rangers with their advanced technology and the devistating Power Fighters with staggering energy techniques) and more information with expanded weapon rules and content for all kinds of interesting applications of magic and technology.
  • Enter the Omnicosmice Expansion for a new core Class Psions and the Custom Infinite Variable Class known as Savants. This expansion opens up even more concepts of transversing the Multiverse and delving further into Omnicosmic events with the new classes, more races, and new Universal and Multiversal Mechanics that has over a dozen settings and campaign hooks from the Core Continuity to the Netherworlds and across the Multiverse or Omniverse or whatever Infinity you can think of! In addition there is even more examples and guidelines to making planets, worlds, realms, and entire realities with the only limit being your imagination!

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