The Tall Tower of Damaz

An introductory adventure in Moon Gate’s desert realm of Damaz. A one shot for 4 6 characters of an APL of an adjustable 5/8/10, and can take 4 5 hours to complete. It can be placed into your desert campaign or played on its own.

A deadly desert valley hides a valuable treasure and a secret location to be won, but only if you can survive the perils of the unforgiving desert sands and the creatures that dwell within. Gear up for an exploration that will test even the hardiest of adventurers on their quest toward treasure in The Tall Tower of Damaz.

This large PDF booklet has sixteen pages dedicated to the adventure itself, including four maps, a new monster, and a resource section for desert weather phenomena. Eight encounters, deadly traps, and the custom natural storms will challenge your players in this very traditional desert adventure.

Moon Gate adventures are written for and inspired by the characters that are brought to the table. My games have inspirations instead of dedications, and this exploration is filled with nods to encounters that have left lasting impressions upon my players. Stacy

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