Traveler’s Guide to Mithras Forest

The Traveler’s Guide to the forest of the Fey Queen is a ‘zine size sourcebook (ish, they’re actually starting to get bigger than ‘zine size these days) for 5e with new fey themed sub classes like the Paladin’s Oath of the Summer Court, devoted to the fiery passions of the summer fey, or the Oath of the Winter Court, devoted to the solemn endurance of the long night, or the Ranger’s Conclave of Fey Paths, allowing you to slip betwixt and between, using fairy roads to go from one place to another without touching mortal ground in between, or the Rogue’s Fetch sub class, built especially for identity stealing shapeshifters.

Like all installments in the Traveler’s Guide series, this one comes with a number of new backgrounds that give you something else to do with your hit dice, instead using them to cast spells, activate secret martial techniques, or permanently reduce them to unlock passive benefits like a new save proficiency. And no, reducing your hit dice in this way doesn’t reduce your hitpoints

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