Vam Pie Er

Sometimes pies wake up and become sentient. It’s just a thing that happens.

One moment they’re a shell of perfectly baked dough harboring a lovely medley of flavorful fillings, the next they’re harboring something much more sinister.


Most humans know nothing about this, but in the underbelly of every major city is a secret culture of pies that skulk about by night, feeding on blood.

These pies have no other choice. They did not want this world, or their powers, or their immortal hunger. They did not want their vulnerability to pie cutters, or to the cruel light of the sun.

Those that are careful and vicious may perhaps live forever.

But for those with a conscience? Those that want more than to just hide and feed?

Well, for them it is always a dangerous night to be a Vam Pie Er.

Vampire is a 42 page TTRPG about being pies that are also vampires.

Roll around the city, disguise yourselves as regular baked goods, bite humans, and try to avoid destruction at the hands of a baker or ensnarement in the schemes of much older pies.

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