100 Encounters for Moorlands and Heaths (3Deep)

Moorland and heath are closely related lands, primarily uncultivated hill lands and uplands but which can also include wetlands. Many moors and heath are formed through human activity and peat and low growing shrubs are common. Often, they have been used for many centuries, and signs of precursors can be common. This supplement has 100 encounters for such regions which can be used to enliven a journey, from background colour to potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results

  • Patches of slender grass are topped with white, cotton like seed heads (identifiable as cotton grass with an Outdoor (Logic) roll).
  • Plants in a circular section of the moor are clearly dying back, possibly affected by a toxin (confirmed with an Outdoor (Logic) roll with 2).
  • Remnants of a dry stone wall winds across the landscape. Most of the rocks have fallen from the wall, and it is only a foot or so high in most places.
  • Rising from the moors is an outcropping of large rocks, carved into unusual shapes over time. The outcropping is clearly (General Knowledge (Logic) roll) made from harder rock than the rest of the moors.
  • Saplings have started sprouting in a patch of the moors. They all look to be the same species of tree, and appear to have seeded at random, rather than having been planted (both confirmed with an Outdoor (Logic) roll).

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