Aegean Book of Heroes

The Book of Heroes is a setting and adventure supplement forAEGEAN— the tabletop roleplaying game of mythic adventure in ancient Greece. Take your heroes from their home in the Aegean Sea to the depths of the Underworld and to lands and adventure beyond imagining.

This sourcebook includes

  • Detailed view of the Underworld, its rulers and denizens and the places they haunt. Meet Haides and Persephone and a host of other chthonic entities; visit Elysium or Tartaros, and drink from its many rivers.
  • New PC options, including new structures and retainers for the polis as well as a new mystery cult to join.
  • In Sleep No moreour heroes must travel to the lands of the dead and uncover why sleep has left the mortal lands.
  • Details on running AEGEAN with a more mythic tone and five adventures to get you started.
  • In Palace of Leavesthe heroes must unravel the mystery of the curse preventing a young polis from building a palace.
  • The Golden Shirttasks the heroes with weaving a shirt from the wool of golden sheep descended.
  • In The Pelionionthey are drawn into the politics of centaur tribes at the games on Mount Pelion.
  • A titanic crab assaults the island in The Doom of Katharonisiand the heroes must discover the reason behind its destructive presence.
  • Finally, in Armoury of the Godsthe heroes must travel to a forbidden wasteland to capture an undefeatable foe.

Included in the bundle

  • Aegean Book of Heroes PDF
  • Aegean Book of Heroes EPUB

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