Best Left Buried Throne of Avarice

Hail to the Conquerors, to the Plundermen, to the Hand of Prosperity! To Calmyn and the benighted shackles of empire!

THRONE OF AVARICE is a setting book and procedural generation toolbox for adventuring in the fantasy horror game Best Left Buried. The tools and tables within present Doomsayers with the means to generate the citizens, victims, regions, and reprehensible rulers of the Grand Duchy of Calmyn a nation struggling to reclaim its dominion over the known world.

Included within is a massive array of tools and tables for biomes, settlements, and all manner of factions both famed and feared from well known Cryptdigging Companies, predatory Ducal Bureaus, to Consortium subsidiaries with their tendrils across the known world and the despairing rebellions which would struggle against these bleak ambitions.

This is a realm BEST LEFT BURIED.

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