Cyberpunk Gun Shop


Cyberpunk Gun Shop is your map if your players need to buy some guns, get ready for the next fight, train their shooting skills, or just investigate where the murderer got their weapon.

There are a lot of guns, a lot of magazines about weapons, some bulletproof vests, and of course all possible ammunition to buy.

There is also a private room, only for special customers who have specific (illegal?) needs.

The map has2 levels, the first one is the shop and the light guns shooting range, then in the basement there is the shooting range for large caliber rifles, and comesin 3 versions, lighted, lighted + grid, no light and no grid.

Every file is under 10mb for Roll20.

On top of that, this shop even has its own cat sleeping on the sofa.
I let you can decide whether it is a real or an artificial one.

cyberpunk gun shop thumbnail 01.jpg

cyberpunk gun shop thumbnail 02.jpg

cyberpunk gun shop thumbnail 03.jpg

This map was made with the assets ofPeaPu on Patreon.

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