Drama Dice Fantasy

our parents told you the tales, how the Wyld came and consumed the lost lands. How the peoples of many lands traveled to Aerix, a new land with new promise.

They told you about heroes, honor, and glory. You grew up and realized… you didn’t want any of that, you just wanted a way out of your current life. You wanted to be free, and for that you need money!

Now you’re an adventurer for hire. You do the jobs no one else wants to (or can). You hunt down criminals, scout for lords and merchants, fight monsters and explore the old places of the world for treasure and power. Well mostly for treasure. After all, saving villages from raiders and defending the little guy may buy a back door key into Heaven …but it ain’t buying you shit on the Orb.

DRAMA DICE FANTASYis a new Fantasy rpg using the Drama Dice system from Relentless Fiction. Easy to play and fast paced, it’s the perfect RPG for beginners.

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