Killian’s Krawls PC 00 Prisoners of the Watching Wood, a Zero Level Funnel Adventure

It has been a year since the village elders commanded the town of Eastholt to never leave the village or enter the Watching Woods. Even more disturbing is the requirement to offer an animal for sacrifice at the entrance to the trapper’s trail. The town is beginning to die. Goods can’t go in or out, tools and clothing are wearing out, and medical care is nearly non existent. Something must be done! The idea of confronting an unspeakable evil in the middle of the woods at night doesn’t seem like the best plan of action, but it’s the only one you have. Will you be able to end the siege of your town, or will you become the next sacrifice?

Adventure contains 6 Encounters and 3 New Monsters.

An adventure in the Pinecliffe Setting.

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