Mordhark 1st Edition

Mordhark is a fantasy game, like many, but one that relies on planning, improvisation, wit, and just a little bit of luck. There are no health points, there are no experience points, there are no levels, and there are no easy victories. Test yourself, build a career as a crafter, an adventurer, a leader, a holy man, a wielder of magic, a witch, or a mercenary. Fight kingdoms, beasts, undead, and the beyond itself, working towards the meta plot of saving Mordhark from ruin, or being its demise. The choice is yours.

The Mordhark rulebook includes

  • An in depth summarization of the lore of the universe, and the planet Mordhark itself, the basics of the economy, as well as the people populating it and its regions
  • Rules on the functions of stats, skills, and the multi system functionality of the game and its purpose
  • Classes, archetypes, doctrines, and races for players to pick from
  • A detailed combat system primarily reliant on narrative roleplay, mixed with armor ratings, penetration, wound variations, and critical strikes
  • A magic system where spells are invented on the fly with an emphasis more on how magic is implemented within the world, than its mere functionality and mechanics
  • A flexible crafting system for creating alchemy, potions, gear, and general items
  • Arms and armor, with light, sturdy, and heavy armor types, as well as polearms, swords, axes, maces, and more
  • Light and fast rules for large scale wars and battles

This game aims to satisfy the more hardcore fans of RPG’s with its ruthlessness and high level of lethality using a 1d100 custom variant system, though it also caters to those who prefer lighter RPG’s to roleplay narratively with in a familiar 1d20 style stat system, while also entertaining the more imaginitive with a 1d6 dice pool system for magic and its effects.

NOTE Character sheets are not included. They will be provided free of charge and released in association with the Mordhark rulebook

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