Other London Tales of Terror

Other London Tales of Terror is a collection of 26 systemless hooks and ideas for Other London.

Inside, you will find people, places, things and organisations that inhabit Other London, including

Morton Blakelock, Sinne Eater.

A ring owned by Sir John Dee.

A paper covered in spidery words.

A bottle containing a ghost.

Mysterious graffiti.

Something hidden in an old quarry.

A young woman who may be a werewolf.

A chest of drawers, each containing a clay figure.

An online auction.

A sinister spider tattoo.

Great Uncle Sebastian’s collection of snuff.

The Grand Vitae Society, which reenacts ancient Roman customs.

A hideous plated skull displayed in a Knightsbridge club.

A carpet with a disturbing design.

A cursed picture frame.

Each comes with a description and three options. Use the tales in your games as colour or full fledged investigations (although you will have to flesh them out for that).

Other London Desk 17

Other London Desk 17is a modern day urban horror setting set in London using Fate Accelerated Edition.

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Tales of Terror   example

Tales of Terror   example

Tales of Terror   example

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