Soulblight The Indigo Outpost Feuilleton Issue III The Jungles of Sur Lauri

O noble reader, you who are as wise as you are powerful, you hold within your grasp the new tomorrow!

The Indigo Outpost Feuilleton, first of its kind, has made itits mission to deliver independent, honest truth to every cornerof Lothorian, harnessing the raw power of nature and thesteadfastness of brave couriers, armed to the teeth with grit,who’ll let neither monsoon nor sandworm hinder them in theirtask.

Our second issue takes you right into the depths of the colourful and many hued forests that grow surrounding the Sur River, brought to life by the tales and knowledge of one of Citlalin’s very own teachers and tale speakers! In addition, featuring such columns as

  • Bounty Hunter’s Digest!A criminal on the loose, a bounty to be collected! New ones every issue!
  • The Indigo Outpost Trader Catalogue!New items for sale for the Crawler in need!
  • The Cliffhanger Culinary!An extensive list of specialities and culinary delights from the streets of Cathedra!
  • Chronicle of the Three Eyed King!Transcriptions delving into the Journal of Azar, Chronicler of Xerxes’ deeds, who shaped Lothorian into what it is today.
  • Spirits, Demons and Surian Supernaturals! Beings from Surian myth and folklore, granted shape and form!

Soulblightis a third party setting compatible withThe Arcane Library’sShadowdark RPGA sword and sorcery style world set in the deserts, jungles and mountainous heights of the kingdom of Lothorian.

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