The Hollow Expanse

The Hollow Expanse bundle brings you everything needed to run a space exploration themed 5e adventure!

Normally priced at $44 for the individual items, this special bundle is provided with 66pages of 5e content! Including

  • 11 space exploration themed, and ready to drop encounters for parties of all levels
  • 11 stat blocks and 1 new monster template
  • 9 new items with printable item cards
  • 6 new spells with printable spell cards
  • 3 battle maps
  • 5 feats and 5 deficiencies
  • 1 new player subclass the Nebulist a wizard who has turned their eyes from the libraries and repositories and instead looked upwards towards the endless expanse of stars, mastering the piloting of the zoan ships as they venture into the great unknown
  • 1 new player race the Scyphoz the jellyfish like natives of the Hollow Expanse, and technological craftsmen and creators of the zoan ships

This item is priced at $ 9.99

This item is produced by Critical Crafting

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