After the Serpent

Adventures in Quesoleum, a city of clockworks and alchemy, where the unliving mingle with eaters of the dead. A distant empire’s colonial Captain of Industry vies for control of the rebellious city against and in cahoots with two native Queens a superannuated Queen of the City who ekes out her life with alchemic fluids and bellows; a breathless and apparently youthful Queen of the Nights who eases the life out of her paramours. The insurrectionist poet Dal Sard spits rhymes in the basement of Pretty Birds tavern while the empire’s tax collectors party with native barons in the rooms above. Out in the distance, steam powered monsters trample the dust in an even more ancient and mostly forgotten ruin of a nameless city.

8.5″x11″ softcover b/w print, or 8.5″x11″ pdf.

“The setting and the rules, character creation, all sit together so neatly and intuitively, alongside some of the most beautiful art I’ve seen in a long time. (A) strong authorial voice that makes me want to keep reading, to learn more about Knife and its varied inhabitants. The hex city is a masterstroke.” David Blandy, author/artist ofLost Eons.

“Wonderfully flavorful and evocative.” The Cosmic Orrery.

“The setting is cool, compelling, and oddly timeless too, and it’s one of the most exciting settings I’ve read this year. You could get generations of play from this booklet.” Sean F. Smith, author/artist ofEXUVIAEandQuarrel & Fable.

Asteampunkslice of lifegame about the inhabitants of a decadent and recently colonized royal city with a lot going on bigclockwork armors, pirates,alchemists, fusils, andunliving beings. No magic, dragons, elves, or dwarves.

Revised to add a lot of setting lore and to use RISUS, the definitive stick figure TTRPG.

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