Flashlight Tales of Terror

Flashlight Tales of Terror

This is a rules lite Role playing game designed for use with a single d6+attribute+bonus system. The name derives from creating a quick play game that can be played in a flash; and a rules lite mechanics to resolve actions. Therefore, the name Flashlight. It is simple and intuitive to play and allows the Game Master and the Players to focus on the hoorific situations and how the character’s react to them.

Flashlight Tales of Terrorhad the following design goals

  • Stripped down and simple mechanics
  • Ease of character creation with solid role play hooks
  • The Game Master does not roll dice, only interprets results
  • This is horror, so the game is shaped by failure as much as success
  • The game leans into the death spiral as the game gets harder
  • Setting and period agnostic rules

The game comes with a character sheet, quick play guide, and a starting Tale of Terror to play.

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This item is produced by Blood and Spectacles Publishing

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