Gatts Where Hanged Men Bleed

Bring the Wild West to life at your table with this brand new sourcebook for the Standard Reference Document 5.1 (SRD5.1) and its derivatives! Explore untamed lands, role play classic western settings, or create your own luck! Whatever kind of adventure you want to enjoy, the world of Gatts is ready to host it!

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Welcome to Gatts the land where hanged men bleed. Endure harsh deserts, haunted rainforests, and uncover the secrets of blood magic, as you stake your claim in a brave new world! Only a few short centuries ago, a magical and mysterious incident unlocked the long forgotten western continent to the modern world, and pioneers have swarmed this mysterious land in search of fortune and glory. But beware! The raw, untamed magic of the western plains has collided with the industrial might of the eastern kingdoms, and chaos ensues!

Original content includes

  • A fully furnished campaign setting
  • 47 new monsters
  • 22 weapons, including revolvers, cannons, and more!
  • 21 original magic items
  • 21 new spells, including 7 spells from an original school of magic hemomancy!
  • 14 other adventuring items
  • 4 western themed downtime options
  • 4 new feats
  • 4 original subclasses
  • 3 original backgrounds
  • 3 new eldritch invocations for warlocks
  • 2 artifacts
  • 2 additional meta magic options for sorcerers
  • 2 new races
  • One completely original class the blood mage!
  • A variety of new mechanics, including firearms, diseases, spell bullets, pioneering, and combat on trains!

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