Heroes In A Hurry

Ready to start a Champions campaign, but don’t want to spend a whole session building player characters? Or do you need a quick non player hero for tonight’s session? Heroes In A Hurry to the rescue! The modular character creation system in this book lets you build the hero you want – without all the fiddly math. It’s all done for you!

All it takes to build a ready to play superhero is to select from a list of pre built Modules covering Characteristics, Skills, Powers, and more. Thousands of combinations are possible! Even a beginner can create an interesting, balanced, and playable character in less than half an hour! Inside this book you’ll find

Bunches of Background Modules

A myriad of Martial Arts Modules

Piles of Power Modules

Gobs of gadgets and a variety of vehicles

Copious Complications

Plus character concept ideas, sample characters, bonus bases, and more! So what are you waiting for?

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