Ithivellia 04 – Twiceborn

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Ithivellia 04 – Twiceborn Ithivellia 04 – Twiceborn Seek answers, seek the lab Welcome back to Ithivellia, all! Our latest release is a doozy, with tons of music, a whole dungeon to explore, and some shocking revelations regarding the central mystery of the enchanted glade. Let’s dive in!
Borough Guide This document expands upon the strange creatures emerging from Ithivellia’s mycelia. The psigarics are psychic little weirdos, and every adventuring party is going to want to befriend them, alien though they may be. Most of this guide, however, is dedicated to the archfae Uvis Twiceborn and his mysterious laboratory. If your players can fight and puzzle their way through the magic research complex, they may just uncover a huge hint about what the hell happened to Ithivellia.
If you’re itching to run Ithivellia adventures ASAP, this document gives you enough information about the core quest to get started today.
Maps Uvis’s Lab is the epicenter of the mycelial outburst in Ithivellia, and that’s immediately apparent from a glance. Black tendrils emerge from the lab to sap the ambient magical aura from the enchanted glade. As with all of our Ithivellia maps, this comes with variants for each of the four seasons, plus a misty variant. Note that this map slots in directly beneath map 1. Ithivellia is a 3×2 grid of maps.

This is one of the coolest interior maps we’ve ever released: a three-story dungeon with plenty of great spaces for combat encounters, some light puzzling, and epic plot twists. The interior maps for Uvis’s Lab are only available for patrons at the Chief Courier tier and up.
Music Instead of doing one track and one variant, this week Will tackled 5 tracks, one of which is a variant of a tune from Muc-Mhara.
Manifesting – A spacey ambient track to put on during discussions with the psigarics Hadal (Twiceborn) – Crunchy music useful for light skirmishes or dangerous exploration Thus Far Into Forever – Haunting and beautiful music for calm, romantic moments Tulg Reemith – Badass fae combat music Uvis’s Lab – Spooky dungeoneering music Those last 2 tracks are only available for patrons at the Chief Courier tier and up. Hopefully this batch of music will help you to GM all of the different flavors of adventures you might have in this corner of Ithivellia.

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Ithivellia 04 – Twiceborn – Chief Courier Rewards

This week’s map variations:

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