Midwintar’s Mourning

TheMidwintär’s Mourningbundle brings you a Yul holiday themed package based around Norwegian and Scandinavian mythology, as you attempt to save the children of Midwintär from the clutches of the evil ogress Gryla!

Normally priced at $44 for the individual items, this special bundle is provided with over 74 pages of 5e content! Including

  • A 24page icy, holiday themedadventure for parties of4th 5th level
  • 15stat blocks and 1 monster template
  • 11 new spells with printable spell cards
  • 10new items with printable item cards
  • 9 battle maps
  • 8 feats
  • 1 new subclass the Sorcerer Boreal Origin.
  • 1 new player race the Chilltouched
  • a brand new game mechanic for character building called Deficiencies

This item is priced at $ 9.99

This item is produced by Critical Crafting

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