Northern Reach Part 2

The Northern Reach stands as one of the last frontiers of the civilized world, a region hardly tamed before the Empire collapsed into ruins and the dark days threatened to swallow all. The first gazetteer covering the Northern Reach explored a bit of history and the agricultural Lowlands, who feed the rest of the province as well as the lands to the south. As important as the Lowlands are to the Empire, and as relatively comfortable as they are for the people living in them, they represent but a fraction of the Reach’s vast territory.

Northern Reach, Part 2turns the eye away from the Lowlands and peers toward North Country and the sweltering lands that have shown themselves time and again to be fraught with peril. The information in this supplement builds on material presented inShadow of the Demon Lord,so that nothing has been changed or rendered invalid. Rather, this supplement takes a closer look, revealing strange places, characters of dubious quality, and myriad other awful things suited for a game of such unflinching brutality.

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