Space Bulk


Venture deep within Khaos ridden derelict space ships to find strange tech and meet new Xenos. AND KILL THEM!!!!!

Space Bulk is a random generator supplement to build wild locations to pit scumdog adventure parties up against. Tons of additional content that can also be added to adventures that take place on Neo Terraxx and beyond!!! Simple roll ups for where the Space Bulk is located, whats in the rooms, and even down to what is the room’s layout. Time to get SCI FI! Toss on a space suit, set your blasters to FUN and begin the countdown!!! Just make sure you make it back to the planet in one non mutated piece!! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Included at no extra cost is an ENTIRE adventure! The Screamin Banshee sapce truck has been missing for hundreds of years and all of the sudden it has appeared in Neo Terraxx’s Space. It’s up to the “brave” scumdogs to embark with a Government team to get up there and find out what happend.

84 pulse pounding pages of content for thecritically acclaimed game Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland!

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