The Fall of House Prosh

The Emperor Hakkan VI has died without an heir. The Imperial throne world Lecatom Rex is empty. The previous Stewards of the throne, House Kotar, are leaving in shame. Their rivals, House Prosh, have ascended the other noble houses as new Stewards of the throne and the Imperial palace.

Humanity lives on a thousand worlds. Star Witches fold spacetime to navigate the cosmos. Noble houses settle conflicts through duels. Prophecies and portents guide politics and religion. And now noble houses whisper of war and secession.

A thousand years of peace are in jeopardy.


The Fall of House Proshis a sci fi tabletop RPG about noble tragedy and melodrama inspired by stories like Dune, Shakespearian plays, and Game of Thrones. Players take on the role of characters within 3 factions the powerful House Prosh, the maligned House Kotar, and the servants of both these houses.

During the day you set upscenesand usemovesthat represent growing tension and the essential character of each character and faction. Each move evokes popular tragic tropes and gives youtokensyou add to each faction’stragedy pool. The bigger the pool, the more explosive and dramatic your conclusion.

At night House Kotar makes their move against their ancient enemy, and every good thing we saw during the day is broken. Night moves let you spend the tokens accumulated during the day for doomed last stands, megalomaniacal monologues, and desperate bids for escape and vengeance. When all the tokens are spent, the game is over, and you may marvel upon the ashes and the uncertain future of humanity’s galactic empire.

The Fall of House Proshis made up of 3 separate pamphlets. Each describe the rules of the game and one of the game’s factions as well as their unique character options and moves during the day and night phases of the game. Each character has evocative roles and details that can change each time you play. Each faction has several day moves to evoke the connection and history of the characters and the galactic empire, andnight moves to seal their fate and the fate of their faction.

The Fall of House Proshis a one shot game that takes only a few hours to set up and play, with ample replay potential. Will you delve into the different sorceries that allow the noble houses to navigate the stars, the complex political intrigue of the houses, or the day to day lives of the common people in the empire?

Play the game as a solo experience, creating characters that have the potential to fill many science fiction tropes and archetypes. Play to set up your new space opera campaign with a sprawling setting on the verge of war, revolution, or worse. Play to introduce your friends to role playing games using the simple and quick rules. Play to find out not only who dies and what is destroyed, but how.


Written & Designed by Michael Elliott

Art by and fonts byTugcu Designsand game

Dicier fontby Speak the Sky

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