The Sea Hag’s Price

The Sea Hag’s Price begins with the PCs stranded on a rocky island. How they got there is up to you (a storm sinks their ship, marooned by pirates, a sea monster attack, etc.). The only way off the island is to have the sea hag raise a ship from the depths… but her cooperation will not come

She was forced to leave her home, a sunken castle in a network of caves, by a rival called the Merrow Queen. The Merrow Queen is a powerful denizen of the deep who is a powerful sorceress in her own right. Though her castle is completely submerged, the Sea Hag will make the PCs a potion that will allow them to breathe underwater and move and fight unrestricted for a day and a night. Then she will send them into
the caves that lead to her former home, the sunken remains of a coral castle.

This adventure is set in the aquatic environs of a magical island. If your campaign is in a fantasy world, it will fit in just fine. If you are running a less fantasy based campaign, where mysteries, horrors, and wonders can still be found in remote locations, this is one of them. It is also possible you can bring your heroes into a fantasy world via a maelstrom that pulls them into this world of magic.

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  • Compatible with Intriguing Options supplements, but they are not

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