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425328 thumb140.png Adventurer’s Atlas A Guide to Shops, Inns & Notable Places!
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The Adventurer’s Atlas is the ultimate guide to the most interesting and exciting places for your TTRPG campaigns. From the Abandoned Circus of Wonders to the Chapel of Universal Healing and the Phantom Hideout, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to bring your adventures to life. Throughout its 44 pages, each entry includes detailed descriptions of each location, complete with intriguing NPCs, exciting events to spur adventures, and items and services for purchase (where applicable). The Adventurer’s Atlas includes a list of 20 different locations, from the mundane to the fantastical, that are sure to add depth and excitement to your tabletop roleplaying games. Whether you’re a seasoned Game Master or a new player just starting out, the Adventurer’s Atlas is …

424983 thumb140.jpg Tome of Trinkets and Treasures
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More than 150 new magic items! The Tome of Trinkets and Treasures is a comprehensive guide to the most exotic and intriguing magic items in the land. This book is an essential resource for adventurers and Dungeon Masters alike, filled with descriptions and details of the most wondrous and unusual items one could ever hope to encounter. The pages within this tome are bursting with knowledge, chronicling the properties and powers of magic armor, potions, rings, wands, and other strange and unusual items that lay waiting in dungeons and treasure troves. From the Plate of Perpetual Protection to the Crown of the Cosmic Conqueror, each item is detailed with care and precision, offering valuable insights into their abilities and limitations. So whether you are a seasoned adventurer looking t…

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