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Welcome to Beneath the Waves, a book all about the wonder and joy of the aquatic world! Come explore a vibrant and lively world filled with colorful peoples, elemental magics, sunken treasure, and swashbuckling adventure, where you have the freedom to move in all directions, play a crab or jellyfish folk, befriend kelp dogs and sheep sized sea slugs, battle tyranny and discover romance! Whether you just want a quick dip or a life amidst the coral, this book has something for everyone.

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Beneath the Waves is split into two sections, the toolbox and the adventure.

The Toolbox A range of DM and player facing underwater content

  • Rules for buoyancy, pressure, elemental effects, extreme environments, and more.

  • Two subclasses the cleric Ocean Domain and wizard School of Hydromancy.

  • Three new player races the ubiquitous merfolk, an original adaptable little crabfolk race called caraspians (great mouth feel right?), and an original race of mysterious nomadic jellyfish folk, the campana!

  • Aquatic adaptation feats, new magic items and equipment, and over a dozen fun new creatures, and more!

The Adventure A full adventure path/mini campaign that takes characters from level 1 5, featuring swashbuckling and romance galore!

In The Blue, the Fresh, the Ever Free, the tyrannical aquatic kingdom of Seamount has finally captured and plans to weaponize their greatest foe, the Wandering Reef, a free pirate city built atop a titanic manta ray named Jascon. Featuring a daring prison break, interesting characters and factions, a mysterious kelp forest, and a magical dungeon inside Jascon himself, the character’s will have plenty to do in this aquatic adventure path of swashbuckling and secret romance!

Read enough? Then grab your goggles and dive on in, the water’s never been nicer!






NoteThis product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version,clickhere.

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