Dragon Knight New Class for 5e

This class was originally inspired by my desire to make a new martial subclass. This did not work and instead the Dragon Knight is a two thirds caster; Cantrips plus 1st to 5th level spells.

Dragon Knights are tough warriors skilled in all forms of combat. They can wield any weapon and wear all armour. They have a Draconic Companion that fights alongside them and provides them with their magic. Thie draconic companion starts at about house cat size but depending on your subclass it can get much larger.

Your magic is based on channeling the energy of your Draconic Companion safely an to this end your spell casting ability modifier is Constitution. Most of your abilities deepen the relationship between you and your Draconic Companion allowing you to gain elemental buffs and greater fortitude in battle.

The Dragon Knight has three subclassess called lineages The Gemini Lineage which is focused on evasive tactics and fighting as a pack

The Titan lineage which is focused on becoming as unkillable as possible and,

The Wild Lineage which is focused on pure destruction from a distance.

Each lineage also lets you transform your Draconic Companion tempoarily into a new form suited to the lineage it has.

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