Labyrinth Battle Maps Volume 1 Adamantine Tower

Labyrinth Battle Maps for Out of the Abyss (OotA) Volume 1 Adamantine Tower & Caverns for Random Encounters

Are you running Rage of Demons Out of the Abyss or another Underdark adventure? Introduce your players to the Adamantine Tower, from Chapter 14 The Labyrinth with this set of 4K resolution battle maps.

Spoilers (players, stop reading now)

Labyrinth Volume 1 DMsGuild Preview.jpg

Do you need a few simple caverns for random encounters on the way to the Labyrinth? Are you going to run the Adamantine Tower encounter for your players? This map pack includes three cavern maps for random encounters and all three floors of the Adamantine Tower. The tower includes the pile of bones as described in the original Out of the Abyss module. Additionally, you will find a DM only layer in the module with a few helpful notes.




  • Fantasy Grounds Module with Grids, Line of Sight, & Effects
  • JPG (Grid, & No Grid)
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