Mountain Ranger

This is a complete overhaul of the base class, replacing the features and spells of all three core rulebooks (PHB, XGtE and TCoE,) as well as all optional features.

Headline features

Bonuses to using a bow by default.

A unified feature point pool that can be used for multiple features and which is seperate from the normal spell slots. Uses include casting special spell types (including Hunter’s mark), silvering arrows, ritual casting (1/day), spell slot recovery (only truely viable at higher levels), plus exploration focused features.

Delayed spell slot progression to re balance with the above unified point pool.

Two new types of spells one of which includes Hunter’s mark and Ensnaring strike whilst the other provides minor cantrip like effects, (on the crafted silvered arrows,) similar to trick arrows.

Martial focus at levels 1 10 followed by spell led progression to 20th

A complete overhaul of fighting styles

Better druid synergies spell list seperated and revised to be complimentary with a few new spells.

Improved social and exploration features

One optional (additional) feature which expands on exploration and navigation.

Three optional (replacement) features instead of the four presented in TCoE.

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